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Superconductivity at 108 K in YBa2Cu4O8 at pressures …

Physica C 168 (1990) 482-488 North-Holland SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AT 108 K IN YBaZCu408 AT PRESSURES UP TO 12 GPa E.N. VAN EENIGE, R. GRIESSEN and R.J. WIJNGAARDEN Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Free University, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands J. KARPINSKI, E. KALDIS, S. RUSIECKI and E. JILEK Laboratorium f Festkperphysik, Eidgensische Technische …

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Family Reference; 1.A.1: Hille, B. (1992). Chapter 9: Structure of channel proteins; Chapter 20: Evolution and diversity. In: Ionic Channels of Excitable Meranes

Abel, H - SENCKENBERG world of biodiversity

2015-7-6 · Abel, H. & Emmerich, K.-H. (1997): Geotope und Archivböden in Hessen - Aus der praktischen Arbeit des Hessischen Landesamtes für Bodenforschung.-

(PDF) Perception of double‐stranded RNA in plant …

PDF | RNA silencing and antiviral pattern‐triggered immunity (PTI) both rely on recognition of double‐stranded (ds)RNAs as defence‐inducing signals. While dsRNA recognition by dicer‐like

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Sundberg, Cecilia and Yu, D and Franke-Whittle, Ingrid H. and Kauppi, Sari and Smårs, Sven and Insam, Heribert and Romantschuk, Martin and Jönsson, Håkan (2013). Effects of pH and microbial composition on odour in food waste composting.

Effect of Forest Fragmentation on Lyme Disease Risk

Abstract: Forest destruction and fragmentation in the United States recently have been shown to reduce mammalian species diversity and to elevate population densities of white‐footed mice ( Peromyscus leucopus ).One potential consequence of reduced species diversity and high mouse density in small fragments is an increase in human exposure to Lyme disease.

[Molecular mapping and identifiion of quantitative

Download Citation on ResearchGate | [Molecular mapping and identifiion of quantitative trait loci for yield components in rapeseed (Brasscia napus L.)] | A F2 segregating population for genetic

Grinnellian and Eltonian niches and geographic

Hannah L. Owens, Delano S. Lewis, Julian R. Dupuis, Anne‐Laure Clamens, Felix A. H. Sperling, Akito Y. Kawahara, Robert P. Guralnick, Fabien L. Condamine and Jeremy Kerr, The latitudinal diversity gradient in New World swallowtail butterflies is caused by contrasting patterns of out‐of‐ and into‐the‐tropics dispersal, Global Ecology

Purity of SiC powders fabried by coat-mix - …

Silicon carbide powders were synthesized by the coat-mix process, with phenolic resin and silicon powders as starting materials. The effects of synthetic conditions, including sintering temperature and the molar ratio of resin-derived carbon to silicon on the composition and the purity of the resultant powders were investigated.

Macrophyte decline in Danish lakes and streams over …

1 Freshwater habitats in cultivated and densely populated lowland regions of Europe have experienced profound changes during the last 100 years. We take advantage of the long interest in aquatic plants in Denmark to compare the submerged flora in lakes and streams in 1896 and 1996. 2 Most of the lakes which contained a diverse submerged vegetation 100 years ago now have the high phytoplankton

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